Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Etsy Treasury , Tips for Making it To the Front Page...Selling, Exposure for Shops

From our very own  Leuckit, Fill me with love.....
 We've been talking a lot about the *free* Etsy Treasury tool lately.  Our team requires one per month, and I know plenty of you do them more than that. *BIG THANK YOU*  If we have 200 members, making 200 treasuries a month, featuring 16 items per month, the chances of your shop being in it is pretty great--do the math. *If you have three shops you can simply make your quota of 3 treasuries out of one store if you wish.*
Cornerstop offers these cute I love Etsy Tags!
Here is proof of what a Treasury can do for a team.  This one, posted by the Vesties, hit THE FRONT PAGE of Etsy and almost all the items have sold.  That is amazing. That's what WE NEED.  The Vesties have found a way to make it to the front page several times recently.  

They are reading the Storque, and articles such as THIS ONE FROM MERCHANDISING DESK talk about what Etsy is looking for for the given month.

If you make it to the front page, your item will get lots of close-up views. This bow by JenLucasDesigns.

Once a treasury I was in hit the front page, and that day I had over 700 views to my shop and sold a crapload of items later that week. Some of those customers still shop with me now.  I find that even if people don't buy right away, they may add you as a favorite shop and come back again and again. You can find out if your item ever made it to the front page  by using this cute Craft Cult tool here. It's all about the FRONT PAGE!

To get our team to the front page here's what we need:
a) Good pictures only!
b) A Title or Target from this STORQUE ARTICLE,
c) Lack of yourself or any of your shops in the article.
d) Helpful Hints by Heather HERE
e) Use this Whale Shark Tool to put it in your website or blog.

  Even if we don't make it to the front page, a treasury is a FREE TOOL FOR:

a) Bringing exposure to the items featured.
b) Allowing you to show off your curating skills to Facebook, Twitter, and share to other places
c) Helping your Team Members get item views, hearts, and perhaps some new lookers!

Hey, stop reading and start treasury making...
Enjoy this one in the meantime by one of our lovely Team Leaders aka Forums Diva:

'Hearts on Fire- A Valentine Treasury for Etsy Recyclers Guild' by Retreauxgirl

Just a little love................

Art Sculpture Robot Valentin...

Cherry Red Beaded Knit Top H...


Dragon Heart Necklace - Recy...

Red Gray Black Dress Off Sho...

Red Sweatshirt Fingerless Gl...

Eco Passport Cover with Red ...

Shabby Chic Shelf Red

Super cute Valentine Gingham...

Be My Upcycled Valentine

Upcycled Crazy Love Valentin...

12 Upcycled Hearts Playing C...

Flower Power Button Brooch P...

Vinyl Record Bowl- The Harts...

Valentine Fairy Mushroom Gar...


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