Friday, February 4, 2011

More Free Etsy Banners From Everything Etsy eco-friendly

These new mushroom cute banners available for free at Everything Etsy!
 Selling Tips:

Everything Etsy has just added these adorable little mushroom shop banners, which now puts them at 80-something free banners for your shop!  What an eco friendly way to decorate your shop!

A good shop banner:
  • Helps your shop look professional.
  • Creates a good first impression. 
They have some really cute ones, even for the holidays, which makes changing out to a holiday theme really easy, simple, and free.

I personally adore this one: 
See them all at "Free Etsy Banners" page. 

I'll be adding the Everything Etsy Free Shop Banners link to these to the "Helpful Links" page here on the blog, in case you forget and want to find them later :)

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