Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tips for the Etsy Seller : From Someone With Over 1000 Sales

QACreate has these cool cufflinks for sale!
I have had several shops on Etsy, and have achieved a combined total of over 1000 sales. I get a lot of messages asking me this, or wondering about that, so I finally decided to sit down and spell it all out. Now if I had to do this in one word, I'd say W-O-R-K hard!
Work Hard by BubbleWrappd on Etsy!
Work on your shop everyday and apply the 10 Tips in their entirety I'm about to tell you. Etsy gives you a storefront, but you must do the marketing and spread your product out there. I don't care if you sell peanut containers, or jewelry or vintage items. You are doing it because you love it and making your craft because it's something you enjoy. So who better than to promote your store, your item, or your work besides you?

The Mothership, how I love her.
So, without further ado I am now going to give you the exact 10 Tips that helped me become a successful Etsy seller. I present you my free extended article of 10 Tips for the Etsy Seller!

Warning: May require some reading time! Comments are welcome and appreciated.
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