Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Mineral Makeup Returns

Best Mineral Makeup
Christina Sanchez runs the Mineral Makeup N Jewelry Site.
I am not sure if you read the Mineral Makeup article I wrote before, but I was just checking back with Christina to see what she was up to. Her eco friendly all natural makeup products really impress me. I have to say I think this is the best mineral makeup ever.  You will find anything from concealers, lipliners, blush, bronzers, eye shadows, and even wholesale cosmetics.
Best Mineral Makeup

I use the Mineral Lipstick, it's free of dyes and stays a long time.

Imagine my suruprise when her whole Mineral Makeup site went a new redo!  New products, more information and even starter bundles are some of the items you will find here.  I really enjoy the bundle idea since I'm always so clueless of what to buy. Here is an announcement video from Christina:

The thing is, this site is very personalized. You can call Christina and she will explain to you the best products for your needs. I even saw something about free makeup bags wow--so you better go and see what they have to say.

Jump to site here:  Best Mineral Makeup ever!

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