Friday, July 6, 2012

Vegan Shopping Store Cruelty Free Cosmetics and More

Shop Vegan
The cute turtle is the mascot of the Shop Vegan store.
Hey, check this out, a  Vegan Shopping Store ! I was looking though this site yesterday, and I love it. Everything they sell is suitable for vegans, and vegetarians. The products they carry and select do not involve animal testing and are free from animal ingredients.

Vegan Vitamins for Kids.

Mr. Tumee vitamins are a big hit with kids and many varieties are offered.  In fact, you may find a wide variety of adult and children's supplements.

Vegan Chocolate
Dairy Free Chocolate: Perfect for the Vegan with a Sweet Tooth!

You can find products for your sweet tooth from dried fruit to dairy free chocolate in the Vegan Confectionary area. This is an entire shopping site, not just things to consume.

Vegan Beauty Products
Cruelty Free Beauty Products are a big hit!

In fact, I'm particularly in love with the bunch of cruelty-free cosmetics they stock and carry.  In fact their wide range of different lines involve NO TESTING on animals. You can find lipstick, eye makeup, and nail polish at affordable rates and in great colors.

Now some would worry that the Shop Vegan Store is a UK based store--but don't be.  There is a flat rate shipping option to the rest of the world, no matter how much you order. Case in point, no matter how much you order you pay flat rate shipping to the USA. By ordering a large quantity of items you will save over buying products from several different sources within the USA. The rest of the world has a flat rate shipping, too!

You will also find:

  • Pet Products
  • Products for Baby
  • Magazines
  • Accessories
  • and so much more!

What's better than that? Oh yeah, they are registered with the Vegan Society.

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