Friday, August 31, 2012

Baltresto Estonia Hot Tubs Europe's Eco Friendly Alternative

Wooden Hot Tubs Eco Friendly
Wooden hot-tubs , the brand of BALTRESTO are produced in Estonia and made of high quality pine, spruce or larch converted timber. All wooden hot tubs are thoroughly assembled manually by experienced craftsmen using traditional methods of woodworking. These are eco friendly alternatives over commercially made plastic, fiberglass, or mass produced tubs.

Balestro Sauna

balestro eco friendly hot tubs
The barrel sauna blends in with it's eco friendly environment!
Baltresto products have the most reasonable prices, broad assortment and high quality.  Not only do they manufacture wooden hot tub, assembled baths and all necessary staff for baths but they sell and deliver our products Europewide directly to the doors of your home!

Their products are delivered assembled; therefore they are prepared for use immediately.
If you are in Europe, check them out!

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