Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Felt Slippers are Eco Friendly Feet Love

Felt Slippers
Courtesy of All About Felts : 
Attractive felt slippers are an environmentally safe alternative to large scale commercially produced slippers!  Before you adorn your feet with something else, check out this cool blog about Felt slippers offered on AllAboutFelts! You can finally go green and become more eco friendly on your feet!

Biodegradable Felt

I really love these slippers, they come in a variety of styles.  This felt is 100% natural, biodegradable non-woven fabric made from sheep-wool. These beautiful handmade slippers would make a great gift idea.

Felted Slippers
These are the round toe felt slippers, love them!
Now just so you know these felt slippers are just one of the items All About Felts offers, they have a variety of handmade, eco friendly, crafted products from felt. You can find items for your home, embroidered bags, hats and other products, including unique felted silk scarves. I-Pod cases and shoulder bags are just some of the my favorite things you will find.  Check them all out on AllAboutFelts!

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