Monday, August 20, 2012

Nest Bedding Organic Mattresses : Sleep Green

Nest Bedding
Are you shopping for a new bed or mattress and want to go greener? I just found out about
who offers value priced organic mattresses.  Compare their crib mattress $299, twin $499, full size $529 and queen $599 to those "other green mattress places" that want to charge you $1000-$2000 for an all natural mattress.

First off, Nest Bedding and Mattresses is an organic and natural bedding store featuring all Made in America products. Gotta love that, you are supporting American. 

Secondly, they have the best value-priced, made in America, green and natural mattresses and bedding.

Did I mention they can ship most of the mattresses anywhere in the US for flat fees?  So don't let their location (California) worry you.
Nest Bedding

Are you picky about your mattress? No worries!  There's something called the Build-A-Nest product, that allows consumers to build their own mattress from components they supply.

I think I'm off to check out the firm nest bedding, that seems to be the top eco friendly choice!

Check them out here:

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