Monday, August 20, 2012

Solar Panel Leasing Zero Money Down Free iPad™

Solar Panel Leasing
Solar Leasing is here. Save money and go greener.
Zero Money Down Solar Panel Installations and Free iPad Bonus

What's missing from my green and eco friendly home? Solar panels. If you are like me you are probably thinking solar panels are the way to go, but possibly can't afford the upfront costs. The money aspect has got you running scared from taking the next step to greener energy use.  No worries. You are not alone.
Special Offer for free iPad™ until 8/31/12

One green company has figured out how to help you afford them.  Let me emphasize that it is a no money down installation, and that it is solar leasing! This means instead of upfront costs of buying the actual equipment, you will only have to pay a monthly bill (for less money than your normal utility bill) to lease the equipment. Oh yeah, what's not to like.  Why didn't I hear about this sooner!

People that complete the signing up, the quote and the installation will receive a bonus** iPad , but this offer ends  August 31st, 2012.   After that, you are still doing your part to live greener, and save money in the long run!

CLICK HERE for to Sign Up for Zero Money Down Solar Panel Installations and Free iPad Bonus

**iPad is a registered ™ of Apple


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