Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Treehouse Design : Become One With Nature

natural eco friendy treehouses
I would live here if I could.
Just the other day, a 26 year old I know indicated he was moving out of his house and getting his own place. The worst part about leaving his home, I thought, had to be leaving behind his childhood treehouse.  What had started as plywood and scrap wood had evolved to an apartment in a tree over time.

Cheeky Monkey Treehouses can make your kids a fortress of fun.

Over time treehouse design has moved from a few pieces of plywood into something that is so grand, you would be amazed.   Treehouses give children the ultimate play kingdom. A break from day to day life, or perhaps just to go and think.  Camp out with the friends, or be silly.  Read a book, or do their homework in their top secret lair.

A company in the UK called CheekyMonkeyTreehouses is doing wondrous design work with their treehouses. They blend the house into the tree to make natural look undisturbed, so that your imaginary kingdom can thrive around the existing glory of nature. Taking a unique approach to making these go-green houses all over Europe, for children and adults alike.  My only complaint? I don't have one.

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