Monday, October 1, 2012

Green Organics Vegan Five Alive Green Vitality Raw Energy

green organics Green Vitality Energy Drink
Green Organics Green Vitality, have you heard of this? It's actually an organic raw green powder. When one teaspoon is added to pure water it makes a good tasting alkaline green drink. This drink is organic, raw and pure and is an energy booster for your system!
green organic vegan raw energy drink
Raw powders make this drink perfect for vegans !

Five Alive Green Vitality Drink - What can you do with it?  You can  drink it, add it to smoothies, or even food items like salad dressings. Not only is this perfect for vegans, but for those looking for healthy organic choices. You may not realize how important ph balance is.  As their website points out (high ph syptoms) if your body becomes too acidic, this can cause weight gain or loss, sleep deprivation, circulatory issue, headaches, cold hands, or something more! Relieve all that with one scoop a day in your tea or drink for starters to balance your ph and prevent high acidic issues!

This is considered the new biology of using organic ingredients and living green and pure without having to visit the doctor and use modern medicine, artificial man made medicines etc. 

On a side note, the company is always looking for new Green Organics distributors. Please contact Steve Dom if you, or anyone else would be interested in promoting high quality organic products.

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