Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eco Friendly e-cloth® Reusable Cleaning Rag for Home


e-cloth® offers an Eco Friendly Green solution when cleaning!

Health and Green Solutions for the Home

Here's something for everyone who picks up a dust rag.  Do you constantly sneeze when dusting like I do? Are you worried about allergies or using rags that push the dust rather than trap it?  Do you go through a whole roll of paper towels loaded with cleaners ?

Well thanks to e-cloth® products, you can have a green alternative to all this.  They have developed a microfiber high quality cloth to trap the dirt, dust, and grease within it's fibers.  There may be others on the market that are higher priced, but don't be fooled.

How does this e-cloth® product help you go greener?  You can rest assured that you will have used less cleaning agents by getting the job done right the first time.

It's whole aim was to reduce household chemical use in cleaning for both professionals and home owners. By using just water, these cloths remove over 99% of bacteria, and are guaranteed to last for more than 300 washes. They are produced with the highest ethical production standards, allowing for peace of mind in purchasing.

Have you seen clothes like these? Yes, it's true, there are some, but their competitors all charge more for their products due to MLM financing demands. Now e-cloth® products just want to sell great products for the best price they can. That's why they offer free shipping to the continental US.

Read how they work. 
Go to the e-cloth® Site.

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