Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tzandals Upcycled Sandals From Tires Tanzania

tzandals recycled tire sandals
Many styles Tzandals are available. Local artisans make them in classic styles or more over the top!
Tires Upcycled Into Sandals?

Well here's something green and environmentally friendly. A group of  Eco conscious folks decided to do something to save the world and help out communities in Tanzania in the process. They found a way to get artisans involved in using old tires to make sandals.    "Tzandals - Tanzanian Tire Sandals"  were born out of discarded tires. Otherwise, tires are burnt releasing harmful chemicals into the environment, or clogging up already overcrowded landfills.  (Read about recycling tires on their About page)

Many styles are available, and are all well crafted!

Support Local Economy of Tanzania and Help the Environment While Doing So

These sandals, are called Tzandals, and have the appropriate slogan, "Tread a New Path."  Their website indicates that their idea came from an idea to help the environment and help the people of the country at the same time. It's a way of connected local entrepreneurs (making the Tzandals) with the world market....

No Worries when wearing Tzandals!

Walk a Mile or Several Thousand With No Worries
As featured on LivingGreen, green consumers can rest assured walking in these will be doing something good for the Earth. These are an Eco Friendly alternative for your feet, and in the process, help a country who needs it at the same time.  What's even better? They are priced affordable at $25-$30 range. They are well crafted and made to last. If a tire is supposed to last your car 50,000 miles, how long do you think it will last on your feet?
When you check out from their store, you can choose from a wide variety of styles, and even stipulate what cause (charity) you wish to support. If you are unsure, more information is outlined on their website.  There is also a Hakuna Matata (no worries) return policy.   

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