Friday, February 22, 2013

Eco Friendly Greeting Cards Ojolie

Sample shots of ecards , Courtesy of:
Go green!

It really bugs me that people give me greeting cards that aren't upcycled or recycled. Even the DIY greeting cards I give I know will eventually end up in the trash or recycler--all a waste of paper and my time, and money!  Geesh!

I have found an eco friendly green solution not harmful to the environment. 

ecards by ojolie eco friendly
Goodbye tree killers! Hello email ecards by offers beautiful, animated ecards with tasteful music for birthdays, Christmas , Valentine's, and just about any other holiday or occasions you can think of. They are 100% eco friendly that you send via your email. No more wasted paper or killing trees. As you know not all greeting cards are recycled!  Stop paying all that money in the store for someone just to toss them away within a few weeks.  Give the gift of green by sending ecards!   My favorite are the beautiful birthday ecards . The cat lays sleeping while the beautiful butterflies flutter around.  Your message is displayed and brings a smile to the receiver's face. Not bit on cats? No worries, they have dogs too!

Courtesy of : OJolie Dog Ecard ,  animated dog!

Obviously, these screen shots can't explain how good they really look or the smile you will receive, but you can go and see how they work for free by clicking on any of the ecards at

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Great post....thanks for sharing.!! Plastic card printing


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