Saturday, March 16, 2013

Design-Swag Design Blog loves Etsy Sellers loves Etsy sellers
Why does 4/5 posts on Design-Swag have Etsy sellers in them?
A new quirky design blog called Design-Swag focuses on everything retro, handmade, and fashionable, but why do they seem to feature Etsy in 4 our of 5 posts?  We were glad to see they even have an "Eco - Upcycled" category.

A few Etsy shops here have been highlighted out of many posts: 

Chair made from recycled belts by kikithespunkymunkey

Slippin' Southern Handmade Country Barn Star
Wedding Table Numbers from ZCreateDesign
Nursery Prints from TwoFishPrints

Three shops are featured in this Cigar Box Purse DIY Post!

CanemahStudios - History of Keelox Typewriter Tin
BuzzingBeesVintage - Green with Envy Collection (and two other Etsy shops!)

When asked, the Design-Swag admin said, "Etsy is full of new and emerging design. Some of the best kept secrets are there. We love color, swag, and good design, what better place to find it? " 

That works for us!

If you think you have a suggestion or tip,  you can post it on their DesignSwagBlog Facebook page, or connect with them on Twitter @Design_Swag  

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