Friday, March 22, 2013

Low Cost Solar Panels : Now They Are Affordable

save with solar panels
Now you can really save with sustainable energy
I actually remember when solar panels first came outAs with anything brand new,  you had to spend so much up front money, and wonder if they worked. I remember only the rich and famous could afford them.  As with any new technology, they have been perfected over time, been made thinner, lighter, more efficient and made to last.

Many don't realize this, but it's simply amazing that they have declined in price so much to make it affordable for the homeowner! Did you know, according to this Sustainable Energy Article on low cost solar panels  that they have declined in cost almost 70% in the past two years alone, and making them 80% less costly than four years ago? Over time, they have been created to be more effective, more durable and more affordable and more in demand.

As with anything we've seen (from computers to recycled paper) more demand and more production is lower and more affordable costs. So imagine being able to invest small in solar panels and reduce your utility bills--obtaining that investment back quick and having it pay off.

Government Tax Credits & Energy Rebates

Did you know there are federal tax credits and utility rebates?  Read this article on low cost solar panels which tells you to know . Not only will you be saving on your energy bill but you will be saving by going "greener" and using  Sustainable Energy .


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