Friday, November 8, 2013

Funding For The Abominable Dock Lamp Upcycled Love

Eco Friendly Lamp
One of many designs in the prototype line Up-cycled Lamp and Charging Dock

Check out this,  The Abominable Dock Lamp.  What is it?  It's the nifty name for a new series of handmade lamps that double as docking stations for your phone. The prototypes have been designed by hand with clever design. Made in California, they are fashioned from reclaimed wood, recycled wine bottles, and salvaged wiring.

New Invention Uses Upcycled Materials
Different designs in the prototype line show how detailed and lovely these items are.

The prototypes are design worthy, ingenious and unique. The wine bottles are the globes, and the lights are LED.  They serve as a charging dock for your phone. Not just your phone, ANY PHONE.  How can this be? They say, "Currently, we have one block that works with every phone and tablet on the market and one block made exclusively for Apple’s 30-pin connector (iPhone 1-4S and iPad 1-2)."   That in itself makes it Tech-Savvy.  If they go into full production with backing they will quite possibly be the only 100% Handmade & Upcycled handmade lamp that also doubles as a charging port.  Their goal?  They said,  "Our goal would be to get rid of excess wiring and charging cords by making a lamp out of 100 percent recycled material that charges any phone or laptop and making the earth a cleaner place. "

skeely designed eco frirendly charging port

I for one over the years have switched phones like I switch my t-shirts and think this is a fabulous idea. They are asking for $45,000 start up costs which includes expansion of equipment (currently they are small scale operational off of two CNC routers.) .  This also allows for a production line, a staff force and ordering additional quantities of parts via suppliers.  

 Helping them means donations as small as $1.00

View their Kickstarter campaign, where we nabbed all the photos from!

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