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Buy Organic Direct Why eCommerce Taking Over The World

Pure life conditioner in Lavendar from
For $9.99 the 14.9 oz lavender conditioner being organic is a great deal. Source:
Are green eCommerce sites going to provide valuable for shoppers who wish to buy green, eco friendly and sustainable products? I believe so, and here's why. I live in a big city -Baltimore. My nearest Whole Foods Market is thirty minutes via traffic galore to get to it and going across town and always busy.  Parking there is tight, I don't think they knew originally just how many people would flock there.  Since the store is always crowded, it's not on my favorite things to do list anymore.

I'm happy that more people are tired of GMO's and want to give back by buying more natural products however most stores won't get on the band wagon.  Finding green and sustainable closer to my home is really hard. If I make a quick run to any grocery story, say the five minute away (Giant) it seems the organic and natural is limited to one aisle and selections are limited.   Although there is a demand for it, most stores will only throw a few things in to appease us greenies.    I have to read every package to be sure what I think I'm buying is what it is. Passion Flower
I found twenty products on Passion Flower, and this supplement at BuyOrganicDirect is $12.89 versus the $14 I jut paid to get it after running four places in my local area.

Then I have my supplement issue.  CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Giant still don't carry the supplements I need.  Try finding Passion Flower....   Four places later, I found drops but not the tabs I needed.  Two health food supplement stores and they were out of teh brand I used, leaving me with one choice that had harmful binding additives.
Dogs can benefit from an eco Friendly Organic Collar, at
$6.99 at makes the pet collar the deal of a century

Then I have the dog. The furry children are just as important when I want to find good shampoos safe for them, or sustainable products. Even my vet doesn't carry this kind of thing, and two pet stores later, I pretty much give up. The bottom line,  I spend a lot of time trying to find gluten free, sustainable, or eco friendly items and in the process I'm wasting a lot of gas and time.  The latter, is more valuable. There's never enough time in the day to complete what I'm supposed to be doing, so I think sites that offer a one stop shop are going to win out over shopping in five different places.

Buy Organic Direct .net offers Goat Forumla for Babies
Goat formula for toddlers, organic and sustainable,

You have the kids.  Your cosmetics. Your household products. So that's why I think sites like Buy Organic Direct  are going to be the next big rage.  They have all these things IN ONE PLACE .  I admit I'm getting more cranky as I get older about where and how I spend my time.  I would much rather shop this eCommerce store selling natural products and point, click and get a months' worth of my needs delivered for high quality supplements,cosmentics, bath and body, stuff for the kids, the dog and things for the home in one box.  Cheaper than spending gas to run ten places.

Their  selection is smart and the information is valuable. I can steal ten minutes out of my busy day and do half my shopping online. I'm telling everyone because it does save you in the long run. Saves you gas, time and frustration.

Organic Chocolate Bars Stock up For health at
Chocolate meal bars, stock up with a case of 12 for $41.88, compare paying $60 if you bought them individually at the health food store...

Just check out the offerings on some popular categories: 

Now, some people I know won't buy organic or sustainable due to the overall cost factors. I totally understand this because I was one of those people myself before I realized that there are good deals out there but you have to know where to shop.   Most people will see the one aisle in the Giant and the higher prices turns them off. Even if I try to explain the benefits and ultimately (need less get more) theory, sadly I lose out to the big box stores who have the consumers believing everything you save money on is good for you.  I've got news for them, that ten for ten pasta I stocked up on?  Not the best thing for my diet.  Now I buy one box of gluten free made of rice flour and try to live healthier.

Truly if everyone created enough demand for these items the production prices could go down--and if the big box stores would create pricing for such things, but they won't. The smaller mom and pops can't afford the resale and the larger stores keep these products limited to one aisle.  I for one will be routing for sites like BuyOrganicDirect  who promote healthier, responsible living. 


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