Monday, May 31, 2010

Pictures do it all .... Case Study . . SweetLoveVintage Shop on Etsy by Ira Mency

Let's talk pictures.


Shopping is fun with SweetLoveVintage, the descriptions are funny and photos amusing.
See this $58 barn pulley HERE on Etsy.  Doing a search for this type item, this pulley catches my eye, and I will immediately pull this up first even if the others are priced lower. It just looks more interesting.

ALL TOO OFTEN you wonder why your items underpriced and not selling?  You checked your tags, your categories, your descriptions, but nothing's doing.  You moan, you grown, and you are wondering why.  The "competetion" has higher priced items and are selling just crazy stuff in hoards and meanwhile you are wondering why you can't make any sales.  Perhaps if you really look at your pictures, they may fit one or more of the following words: 

Dirty, dingy, dark lighted, poor quality, fuzzy, grainy, one dimensional, lack of details, lack of photos, or perhaps just downright borrrrrrrrrrrrrrringggggggggggggggg.

This book availalbe at SweetLoveVintage HERE for only $14,  but do notice how the lollipop sucks you in...For a moment you may be thinking of a memory from childhood past...making the book and this listing seem all that more interseting. Book may be $14, but lollipop is priceless!

SweetLoveVintage makes you want to buy from her shop.  She makes you want to love her items.  She makes you want to shop with her.   I read one description and was on her site for a half and hour before I wrote this, and I need absolutely no more vintage, my RetroChalet shop is overflowing, but something about this shop.....

Never did I fathom wanting a tissue holder so bad.
Sweet Love Vintage offers this for $20.  Go HERE to see it.

Below, Level $16  and Fan $32

Add color and this "Smashed up mug" $10 comes to life.
These cats make you just want 'em. Pair of MOD ringholders for $15 HERE.

The box looks so much better with color added.  Schoolbox $48

So, as you can see, a picture is worth a thousand words. 


Sweet Love Vintage said...

Thank you so much for the feature! It goes to show you don't need fancy equipment to create striking photos.

Nicole Murray said...

That was informational and just plain entertaining to look at. Great pics Sweet Love! Very creative.

Yanni said...

Yay, great shots and truly inspiring. I really need to work more on my photos...and you are very right Ira, Indeed a catchy picture is worth a thousand words.

RetroBabs said...

RetroChalet you are so right-Sweet Love Vintage takes the best photos. Staging is everything!! It gives people the idea of what the item could be used for. A simple black box can be used for sewing supplies. Genius. Great article.

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