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Positive Thoughts : Achieve Your Dreams

Positive Thoughts:  Some to Inspire You, We all need them from time to time...

YOU ARE WONDERFUL mixed media collage barn board MAINE UPCYCLED
I'm always amazed by people who have great ideas, but rely on someone else telling them they can't do something. Sooner or later they chalk up their great idea based on someone's opinion.

But why?

YOU can do what YOU want and if you do it WELL you will SUCCEED.

I'm here to tell you that you CAN do anything you set your mind to. If you are willing to WORK at it YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

If you don't believe me, why not ask these folks what hard work and determination has done for them?

Lance Armstong


Amputee Runners who run Marathons!

From Forbes magazine I quote, "Almost two-thirds of the world's 946 billionaires made their fortunes from scratch, relying on grit and determination, and not good genes." Read that article HERE.

No excuses people. You must believe in yourself. The Internet is loaded with rags to riches success stories. Some best selling movies in Hollywood were made based on real people's lives. Not everyone is "born into success" but everyone, yes EVERYONE has the opportunity to achieve it.

The only difference that makes you famous or infamous is your will and desire.

I truly believe that if you are determined to succeed and do something you love and believe in, the good fortune will follow.

Case in point, my own husband said my art looks like a third grader made it. He thought I was crazy for putting blocks together and says I should have focused on something that "really pays the bills." I didn't listen to him. My friend (name I won't mention) liked the fact I created things, but he's a fru-fru fantasy painter and to him, my art was...uh....sort of crappy. My own family was like "forced smile sure it's great" but would much rather look at a DaVinci copy associating art with famous people, than some would-be-famous-someday-dream-of-an-assemblage sculpture. You may even think "That is just awful. Her family should have been more supportive..." Truth is this is the common reaction of many of us.

Now, you didn't see any of this stopping me NOR should it stop you! I remember working for my husband (as he's somewhat famous) and sneaking off to create art in the wee hours of the night. My office proved a worthy retreat for studio space.

Making art isn't always about money or getting rich and famous. It is a way to do something you love, alleviate stresses of daily life and somewhere though your art, your voice is heard.

My husband, friends, and family now appreciate the work I do but I never expect them to fully understand a day in the life of the artist. We are a special bunch aren't we?

Now, as for the professional field, I know galleries who would cringe at my artwork, and others who just adore it. You too will encounter this problem (unless you are super lucky) but should not let it get you down. To each his own opinions! Read my other article on HOW TO GET YOUR ARTWORK DISPLAYED PROFESSIONALLY for steps on how to get in the door. I will just say this, if an abstract painter keeps hounding the realism gallery for display of his art, but keeps getting turned down, he only has himself to blame.

The key is finding your niche, and where does your art fit in? It does fit in somewhere. You just have to do a little sleuthing to find it.

Your best support system is going to be other artists that work in your medium who can encourage you and inspire you. (I'm not saying other artists who don't won't be great a great support system as well.) There are situations were the abstract painter and the realism painter do get along quite well, (but while sipping coffee the realism painter is afraid to ask the abstract painter just what those blobs on canvas really mean?)

So if someone tells you:

You're nuts. Dream on. Get a life. Get a grip. Give up the fantasy.

It's your choice NOT to listen and work harder at achieving your goal. If you don't, you have just let that person hold you back from a big wide world of artist opportunities.
YOU ARE WONDERFUL mixed media collage barn board MAINE UPCYCLED


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RekindleMe said...

Well said! Keep the art flowing!!

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Excellent article! Always such inspiring and informative posts!


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