Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Act of Kindness: Beat Up Creations & Article Writing Sales Tips

I'm proud to salute Angela, our very own Team Member's shop Beat Up Creations as she was featured in this little blurb I wrote in Environmental Graffiti, a UK online publication that's gaining more and more exposure every day. 

It's nature related, and a great way to talk about recycle artists...more team members coming soon.

There's a place to share the article on Facebook, so show some love for your team member. 

SELLING TIP FOR YOU:  Writing articles on sites like this isn't going to get you rich, -- articles must get ZILLIONS of page views to really pay off.  However, EXPOSURE if what really matters.  Spreading the word like this will raise awareness for team members and in turn, drive traffic back to you and your shop.  So why not write an article about a shop that does not sell what you sell, and in turn help each other out.   TranzendentalArts was writing for her local Examiner paper.  Contact Cynthia  for tips!   Don't know how to write articles about stores, no problem.  Maybe you are good with recipes, craft ideas, or pet knowledge...just about anything is a go at places like Ezinearticles.com  and GoArticles.com, wherein you write free articles in exchange for putting a blurb on the bottom about YOU and there you can link your STORE or WEBSITE.

Promote each other!


BeatUpCreations said...

Awesome Ira! Thanks so much!

LizzieCaye said...


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