Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do You Picnik ? Easy Way to Fix Photos and Promote Your Etsy Shop on Your Website or Blog

Camera and photo from VintageSpark on Etsy.
 Many of us look at some of the photos that make it to the front page on Etsy and are in awe. Etsy's Storque blog is full of good articles on  fixing your photos in your shop.  I hate to break this to you, but most of these people just like you or I and did not take photography lessons. They have however found a way to "bond with their camera" and  found their "MACRO" zoom button.  They usually use neutral or white backgrounds, and sometimes stage props in, but more often than not use natural lighting.

Gorgeous picture, feels like you can reach out and touch it , how about giving me some lessons? Item and photo by AnBlathPaipeir

I'll be the first to admit, most of my photos SUCK.  My husband thought it time for me to upgrade from one of those "point and click" Kodak with "three functions", so when he got me one of those fancy Ashton Kutcher jobs I wasn't sure whether to thank him or cry. (Soon it was the latter).  I was and am still clueless.   I have read and reread the manual 100 times and honestly can't process it. (If it's not just point, click, zoom, I'm no good.)  So if you are thinking your photos aren't good enough, put yourself in my shoes. Imagine having crappy photos but owning a super duper camera, that's pretty bad.  I don't own those expensive software programs like Photo-shop.  Then someone told me they were using Picnik for years. I played around.  You can join the service for a small fee, but I made all the below using Picnik's FREE services.

THE MISSION:  Make a banner link for someone to add to my blog. 


I had to use a photo from Modern Plastics shop.
AFTER:  I used free Picnik services to brighten it, saturate it, add text and a "museum style frame".  Now it works as the perfect "photo link" to her site. 

THE MISSION:  Have some fun with this picture by Ohzie, and zoom in closer to the hat.

I had to use a photo from Ohzie shop.
AFTER:  I zoomed in and made it into a playful polaroid, that she could use in any Etsy listing, blog post or on any website. I thought it important to put the recycle symbol on it as her products are recycled. Perhaps seeing her name over and over will drive customers to her shop.

THE MISSION:  Spice up my glove mold photo.

My photo is just blah....lacks luster and bad exposure.

AFTER: Perhaps good for something around Halloween?  Brighter and fun! I added a frame with picnic and some "free stamps" which you can move around and would have been okay just making it brighter.

THE MISSION:  Make this picture of DoLoBo Jewelry stand out for a small mention in an upcoming blog post.
The original is okay for Etsy, but we needed to add some spunk and make it artsy.

Spunky for a sidebar on his blog!  I used a saturation and grainy look on Picnik.

MISSION:  Make a collage, if you  have too many photo angles and can't fit them all into Etsy, use a collage for one of your pictures.

Here's a mini collage with only two photos!
 Photo collages are available in any size. I sharpened the dress to show more floral design, and added the writing, as you can tell I really like that font.  Photos by TexasVintageThings.  
Or you can just make basic collages if you have too many photos for Etsy. This one I made from  Modern Plastics.

I truly believe photos sell your product. All of the above are just tools to help you spice yours up a bit.  There are so many items on Etsy now, it's not hard to find a few of the same.  I would rather pay more for an item that looks prettier or better than less for an item that I can't see detail in or is grainy. So, why not have a Picnik date ?


Revival Vintage Design said...

thanks very interesting I am going to check it out, my photos need some work !!!

Sharon - Rekindle Me said...

Thank you!! There are some great pictures here! I have never heard of picnik, but I am going to check it out now!!

ohzie said...

omg...awesome job!! What you did with our tee hat looks great!!
Thank you for the feature!!


Becki said...

Great article! Thanks for including my picture. Honestly I didnt think my pictures were that good at all...So I am flattered you think so!

Heather said...

Good article Cindy! Picnik looks like mucho fun!

Retreauxgirl said...

Awesome article, very informative!! Pictures are sooooo super important, everyone including myself should visit picnik TODAY!!


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