Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eco Friendly Handmade Shoulder Bags

Eco Friendly Shoulder Bag
Eco Friendly Shoulder Bags: Avoid Buying Mass Produced
All About Felts which we talked about their eco friendly slippers , also sells Eco-friendly handmade shoulder bags !

It's no secret that places like Etsy have evolved the fact of buying handmade clothing and accessories , putting the handmade back into marketplace, and couture back into our wardrobes. The blog from the maker of Eco Friendly Handmade Shoulder Bags eludes that the trend for buying handmade may be blamed on famous maker Nike.

She says, "Ever since the Nike press release and court case in 2001, people have tried to move away from mass produced commercialism and looked for a nobler cause. Handmade goods are a more expensive, but higher quality, more ethical alternative than buying from a mass distributor like Nike. But it is hard for people to change their ways when the determining factor is a leap in price."

Her All About Felts website also shows the ways of Eco-friendly manufacturing, and help educate consumers on why buying handmade shoulder bags is a step forward for the environment.

What Do We Think? 

With small indie handmade, you can feel confident knowing you are buying a product whose designer has taken great care in it's work. Most processes are more eco friendly, greener and eco conscious on the environment versus large scale overseas corporations whose mass produce practices may be questioned. 

Sure, it's true that some indie is more expensive, but a few extra bucks for a comparable item and you can sleep at night--not worrying how many children were worked in sweatshops producing your item, or how much pollution has been put into the air from overseas factories.

I've priced a lot of indie work and you may indeed be able to wear your indie designed OOAK couture purse for much less than any famous maker, so do consider buying handmade.

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