Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Citizen Cashmere: For the Love of Wool and Goats

Citizen Cashmere
Citizen Cashmere is the GREEN face of cashmere.
Cashmere wool has been branded one the most comfortable and softest fibers out there. Cashmere gets its name from the soft wool of a certain species of goats.  In the past, mass production of cashmere clothing raised concern for eco friendly consumers. Mainly in regards to questionable unethical practices in the treatment of goats. Outlined here at Peta, a closer look into the wool industry blasts the way in which goats were sheared in cold weather and treated abusively. 

Greenies have long been upset that goats have been plied with unhealthy growth hormones in their feed or directly to promote either mass production of goats or cross breeding all in the name of made-in-china mass produced cashmere clothing. If that's not bad enough,  additions of harmful and toxic dyes to the clothing itself was just the final straw for greenies to look the other way before purchase of a cashmere sweater.  Until now...because for one company, they have vowed to do things differently.
Citizen Cashmere
Citizen Cashmere is taking a stand, this above is part of their constitution!
Citizen Cashmere (Paris) has taken a stand in the industry--actually having a creedo if you will, that they call their Constitution! Basically, they have green practices and want their goats to be treated fairly, and live to ripe old ages of 25!  They will wait for wool, and are using Mongolia's goats as the regions' people were for hundreds of years for such fibers. If cashmere wool production is low, they don't stress about it. They aren't going to pump their goats up on steroids like some manufacturers.  They say, "Our herders harvest cashmere by hand-combing the goat’s molting winter coat once per year. Left to nature, this fur would naturally blow away in the wind. Citizen Cashmere never uses anything that contains the non-combed fur from our own Mongolian goats. That means we are against fleece and shearling.."
citizen cashmere sweater
Only $139.95, no matter what style you get. This is a VNeck Citizen's Cashmere sweater.

It's clear from their website that Citizen Cashmere is aimed at being greener in the manufacturre of clothing. Certainly they have integrity and values.   So I decided to dig deeper. Upon my inquiry, they issued a statement saying,, "We are doing something really unique because we own our own supply chain---so we are trying to do it right. We are super influenced from green peace's dirty laundry campaign when we started the brand. Our dyes come from Helsinki!"  In case you don't know what they are talking about, here's the video:

I really love the fact that in addition to their constitution, they have posted a strict quality control policy on their "fur"  and certainly don't cheat and use synthetic fibers. They just say NO to harmful or toxic dyes. They are on the cutting edge of fashion, offering many styles as opposed to just the traditional classic cashmere sweater.  Citizen Cashmere has found a way to offer a quality product with a green conscience.   Their sweaters are priced $139.95 and free shipping (and easy returns). They have a customer testimonial page where you share your video and may get it posted.  Here are customer testimonials.
Citizen Cashmere
Stylish half zip is an option as one of the sweater styles.

So now you can go feel all warm and fuzzy and soft, knowing this REAL cashmere goat sweater was made with green in mind. Now I know what I'm adding to my Christmas list.

Connect with Citizen Cashmere:
Eco Friendly Store
See their Videos on YouTube!

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